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Freylish Contest Rules

Read the detailed rules of the competition, which is taking place on the Instagram and Facebook accounts of Freylish.

  1. Basic information

1.1 The organizers of the competition are the company Freylish s.r.o. with registered office at Lermontova 3, 81105, Bratislava, Slovakia, ID: 54756529, VAT ID: 2121779781, VAT ID: SK 2121779781 , (hereinafter referred to as the "organizer" or simply "Freylish"). Contact: hello@freylish.sk

1.2 Competitions are ongoing on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/freylishskcz and on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/freylishskcz

1.3 The date of the specific competition is specified in the given competition contribution

1.4 The competition is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by and has no relationship with Instagram. Instagram has no obligations towards the contestant.

  1. Competitors

2.1 Any person who has reached the age of 18, has an active profile on Facebook or Instagram and has met the conditions of the competition stated in the given competition entry can participate in the competition.

  1. Competition rules

3.1 Each competitor can add more comments with a marked person under the competition entry.

3.2 The organizer reserves the right to exclude from the competition comments that:

  • obviously have no connection with the competition entry,
  • contain vulgarisms or other phrases that are contrary to generally acceptable social morals and ethics,
  • contain threats and/or other similar verbal attacks, including misleading information about another person,
  • incite hatred based on gender, race, color, language, faith and religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, membership of a nationality or an ethnic group,
  • they promote addictive substances or minimize the consequences of their use,
  • threaten the physical, psychological and/or moral development of minors,
  • induce other persons to engage in immoral behavior or to conduct that is in conflict with the generally binding legal regulations in force in the Slovak Republic,
  • are in conflict with these rules and/or with generally binding legal regulations valid in the Slovak Republic,
  • the organizer deems it unsuitable for publication.

3.3 The winners of the competition will be determined by drawing lots from among all the contestants involved in the competition.

  1. Announcement of winners and awarding of prizes

4.1 The winner will win the package of Freylish products specified in the given competition.

4.2 The organizer will announce the winner by publishing the winner's data in anonymized form on the stories of the Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/freylishskcz or the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/freylishskcz and at the same time contact him via a private message. In the case of a competition managed by a third party, the announcement of the competition will take place on the profile of the given person.

4.3 The winner is not entitled to transfer the prize to another person; however, this does not limit his right to donate the winnings after he acquires them.

4.4 The prize will be delivered via the Slovak post office.

  1. Other conditions of the competition

5.1 Contestants are not entitled to demand financial or any other payment instead of winning and are not entitled to any other payments from the organizer than those specified in these rules.
5.2 The organizer makes the final decision on any complaints or objections. The organizer reserves the right to shorten, postpone, interrupt or cancel the competition or unilaterally change or supplement its rules for the entire duration of the competition without compensation, by announcing the change on the website www.freylish.sk , where valid and full rules.

5.3 The organizer is entitled to check all conditions for participation in the competition and, in the event of a dispute, to assess and make a final decision on any issue related to the competition. The organizer reserves the right to exclude the contestant from the contest or not to hand over the prize to the contestant, in case of violation of the contest rules.

  1. Contestant's declaration and consent to the processing of personal data

6.1 By participating in the competition, the contestant voluntarily grants the organizer (the operator within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act) consent to the processing of his personal data, which he provided to the organizer during the duration of the competition, as well as in connection with the possible awarding of prizes for the purposes of entering the competition, its evaluation and delivery winnings.

The competitor has the right to request from the operator access to personal data concerning the person concerned, the right to correct personal data, the right to delete personal data and the right to limit the processing of personal data, the right to object to the processing of personal data, as well as the right to portability of personal data.

6.2. The operator stores the personal data of the winner to the extent and for the time necessary to deliver the prize, but not longer than 2 months.

6.3 The operator will provide personal data to intermediaries entrusted with the management of his Instagram or Facebook page.

6.4 This consent to the processing of personal data is voluntary. Withdrawal of consent during the duration of the competition is effective at the moment of its delivery to the organizer and results in the exclusion of the competitor from the competition.

  1. Validity of rules

7.1 These rules are valid from 01.09.2022, i.e. from the day of the start of the competition.

In Bratislava, on 01.09. 2022

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